Waterproofing and insulation of gutters

The complicated, varied construction of gutter (curved, polygonal) surfaces and locations where their various elements receive a perfectly continuousthermal insulative and water proofing layerwhich is provided only by non-soluble, tread-resistantthermal insulating and waterproof polyurethane.

These non-planar surfaces are transformed ito a perfect insulation system – surfaces on which other technologies would be virtually unworkable, whether from the aspect of durability, financially or qualitatively. Our insulation can adhere perfectly to any surface requiring insulation, providing a serious corrosion protective barrier to the created surface. Moreover, it is quick, easy and inexpensiveto apply.

Due to the material properties of polyurethane, the movements caused by building settlemwent are eliminated. This will also eliminate the relative cracks and leaks. As the polyurethane foam insulation is one continuous layer, the humidity usually found on the bottom side of gutter elements also disappears.

The density of the closed cell polyurethane foam is 55kg/m3, compressive strength 200KPa

Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0,024W/mK

Fire classification: B2 - SELF-EXTINGUISHING

Warranty of closed cell polyurethane foam sprayed: 10 years