Thermal insulation and waterproofing of substrate concrete

Floor insulation is used primarily for renovation or newly built real estate. So far, thermal insulation of floors, in every case,could be done using tread-proofpolystyrene, as well as waterproofing using bitumenroof sheeting. These forms of insulation can be replaced with a better and more perfect solution, namely, with closed cell pure foam.

Thanks to the on-site construction, continuous surface is created, on which joints and splicing points cannot be found.Therefore, a thermal bridge-free surface is achieved that is unmatched as for its thermal insulation capabilities. Moreover,it achieves all this with only half the thickness, compared to those of other types of thermal insulating materials. In addition, because the material forms a waterproof layer,it thus eliminates the need to purchase extra waterproofing. Due to its high density, pure foam insulation is usable on any mounting concrete without the use of any other application.

The density of the closed cell polyurethane foam is 35 kg / m3, compressive strength 150K.Pa

Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0,023W / mK

Fire classification: B2 - SELF-EXTINGUISHING

Warranty on closed cell polyurethane foam sprayed: 10 years