Thermal insulation and waterproofing of roofs and monolithic ceilings

It has been proven that 70% of all heat in buildings is lost through the ceiling or the roof, 30% through the side walls or the facade. Therefore, the roof should be provided with stronger, better insulation, thus saving a lot of energy.

The attic space or roofshould be treated with sprayed polyurethane foam to create a tread-proof surface, which in addition to providing excellent heat insulation, also provides a perfect, waterproof layer. This becomes important if you are not in a newly built property, but rather in an old building, in which the ceiling insulation is usually provided with old solutions, such as clinker insulation or ceiling made of dry agricultural crop by-products.

These usually cause problems or suffer accidental leaks, such as that caused by powdery snow, which melts quickly, causing serious problems to the weak insulation. By using the pure foam insulation, these problems can be eliminated completely, as a continuous homogeneous surface is obtained, which is free of all kinds of insulation defects, eliminating also cold bridges.

It has a great advantage over other insulation materials, in that rodents do not attack the sprayed polyurethane foam, neither do they chew on it orcreate tunnels through it, as they do with e.g.Styrofoam insulation. Using the technology can very easily and quickly insulate: After the pure foam has been sprayed, it hardens within 6-7 seconds into a tread-proof surface. Thanks to the hard polyurethane foams, anything can be placed onto its surface without the need to create a tread-proof surface(whether leveling concrete or any kind of decking), unlikewhen using insulating materials made from insulation sheets.

The density of the closed cell polyurethane foam is 35kg/m3, the compressive strength of 150K.Pa

Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0,023W/mK

Fire classification: B2 - SELF-EXTINGUISHING

Warranty on closed cell polyurethane foam sprayed: 10 years