Polyurea (polycarbamide) a perfect coating system, which is now used for many different purposes in Europe. Most frequently used as a watertight coating for concrete and steel corrosion protection and on abrasion resistant surfaces. Its advantage over traditional types of insulation is its versatility in use and the speed with which it can be used on surfaces, as well as its features and durability. Polyurea materials are used as sprays, but may also be injected and poured. The great physical resistance of the material makes it ideal for use on surfaces exposed to extreme wear-and-tear.

“The Great Technology”

The name polyurea is not that of a finished coating system like conventional paint systems. It is always only possible to choose the right system for a given area after a detailed analysis of the surface, of its environment and needs. This technology boasts many different compositions and physical material properties. There are pure polyurea systems and hybrid polyurea systems, each with its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Polycarbamide cannot itself be applied to any prepared layer. Surfaces must be cleaned before application, and resin and adhesive conductors, according to their needs, as well. In addition, authorization procedures should always be considered. Proper training is essential to the success of the implementation of polyurea systems.

In recent years, the use of the polyurea in Europe has increased by 70%. Use of polyurea is limited to the imagination of the future.

Inadequate knowledge of materials, application equipment and material shortages may result in problems of polyurea systems. Always follow the application guidelines for best results.




The chemistry of polyurea materials was already known in the 50’s and 60’s, but at the time it was impossible to apply it, due to its very fast reaction time. The solution to this problem was found in the use of two component sprayers, which applies the materials at high pressure (130-240bar). Since the overseas development of the mobile spray equipment, the use of this technology has spread rapidly. It began to spread throughout Europe in the late 2000s. Today, the market for polyurea materials is growing even faster than that for polyurethane foam.

The unique properties of the intelligent system within a few seconds 

The surface application is performed using a specially designed, high-pressure reactor unit, as well as appropriate accessories. The pre-heated material is injected through heated pipes and into the spray gun. The material sprayed onto the intended surface solidifies after application within a few seconds. After 24 hours, the surface reaches its final form and also it’s perfect chemical - physical condition and is fully available to the user.



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A few of the characteristics of polyurea:

  • Resistant: a high degree of corrosion protection properties, protecting the surface against the elements and from mechanical shocks. It is waterproof, watertight, and resistant to most chemical substances.
  • Unique protection: non-slip solid plastic, which is perfectly waterproof and watertight, 187-600% flexible, protective layer.  
  • Sprayed on at high temperature, this is a durable, seamless, welding-free system for swimming pools and other coatings: the modern application system for polyurea swimming pools is perfect for traditional covering. The flexibility of the polyurea makes it adjustable to the needs of the swimming pool, so you can easily fill in any cracks. Continuous dilatation and flexible, without the need for mortar – offering extreme hardness and a non-slip surface in a single layer. It is also an appropriate solution for thermal pools, when the heat effect on traditional tiling makes them loosen within a short period -> polyurea materials maintain their physical characteristics at temperatures between -40 ° C and +200 ° C.
  • Polyurea waterproof coating: Polyurea materials are perfect for use in the insulation of structures and other surfaces in wastewater plants. Due to its fast drying time, high degree of resistance to abrasion and to chemicals, it is the perfect and quick solution for any surface requiring water tightness.
  • Polyurea (polycarbamide) anti-corrosion coating: the materials are more durable than conventional paints. Can be used to protect against corrosion of steel and other surfaces.

Water resistant, bacteria free, flexible industrial floors.

Floor surfaces prepared using spray-coating, which has excellent properties for industrial and livestock-keeping floors. The floor is made of a flexible plastic, two-component polyurea coating, which is stored in liquid form. Due to the spraying technology, the surface of the coating is completely continuous while expanding, free of any cracking and dilatation. The coating which is formed in this way is water resistant, non-slip, abrasion resistant and flexible, but with extreme hardness in a single layer of coating. Advantages over traditional resin floors are its application speed and durability.

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