Open cell foam insulation

Open cell rigid blown insulation.

This open cell rigid polyurethane foam applied using two components sprayed on at the application site provides excellent thermal insulation and waterproofing. Upon mixing, the effects of both heat and a chemical reaction causes the foam’s components to degas and create a closed cell structured material effect. In just a few seconds, the material changes from a liquid into solid form. The material turns into foam within a few seconds, at a ratio of 100: 1 ratio; in this way, the flexible foam blanket is created from millions of tiny air cells, closing seams and sealing all cracks.

By using this system, all the imperfections and weaknesses stemming from the use of conventional insulating material can be eliminated. The system maintains its perfect thermal insulation properties (no collapsing) throughout the entire life of the building.

Save up to 70% on standard heating costs. This insulation keeps your home's heat inside.

Internal application areas:

  1. Vertical, crooked, curved surfaces
  2. Wall and ceiling insulation
  3. Non-walkable surfaces
  4. Feed silo insulation
  5. Farm building insulation
  6. Film decoration, decorative spraying


  1. No need to dismantle the surface requiring insulation, therefore no danger of leaking during the insulation application!
  2. Harmless to human health!
  3. Due to the rapid technology, little downtime required!
  4. It prevents the flow of air!
  5. Because of the expansion of the insulation, the formation of thermal bridges is practically zero!
  6. Density 8 kg/m3
  7. Strengthens the building structure!
  8. Fully adheres to all vertical, horizontal and overhead areas! 
  9. 10 year warranty!
  10. Significant cost and energy savings!
  11. No condensed moisture, therefore no mold or fungus!
  12. In the case of applying 16 cm thick foam insulation, the heat transfer coefficient UN = 0.24. Permanent parameters!
  13. Easily resists both alkalines and acids! 
  14. Rodents do not move into it!
  15. 35 years of references in both in Europe and overseas, with 10 years of references at home!
  16. Eliminates condensation!