Insulation of warehouses

Sprayed polyurethane foam on such surfaces is practically the best-selling insulation material, as other forms of insulation are extremely difficult to apply and would be costly because of the size of the surface. Be it new building or renovation of an existing building, the pure foam insulation is the perfect solution possible.

This insulation technology offers both thermal insulation and waterproofing of the building, as well. Condensation stops and leaks at roof structure joints and where mounting bolts were placed are no longer a problem. The insulation is created to form a fully coherent interface that can eliminate all small roofing flaws and even greater problems, such as leaking at all screw-fastening points.

As a result of applying the isolation, the temperature will be optimized and all leaks will cease to exist. Also, the stability of the building structure increases greatly. Thanks to low weight of the pure foam, the increase in the weight of the roof is minimal.

Simultaneously, the thermal insulation value is double that of other insulation tiles of the same thickness.

If your construction permit allows, you do not even requireconstruction site barriersor scaffolding, since the polyurethane is tread-proof and it can be cleaned even under high pressure.

The density of the closed cell polyurethane foam is 35 kg / m3, compressive strength 150KPa

Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0,023W / mK

Fire classification: B2 - SELF-EXTINGUISHING

Warranty on closed cell polyurethane foam sprayed: 10 years