Curved surfaces – even using Alpinist solutions

Curved surfaces cannot be insulated simply by using tread-proof thermal insulation and waterproofing made of polyurethane and still receive a perfectly continuous thermal insulation and waterproofing layer.

The development of a perfect insulation system for these non-flat surfaces using other technology would be virtually unworkable, whether from the point of view of durability, financially or qualitatively. As a perfect insulation is what we are talking about, one that can adhere seamlessly to any surface requiring insulation, our solution provides serious corrosion protection to any treated surface.  In addition, our system is simple, quick and inexpensive to apply.

We carried out the insulation application atDebrecen University’s Botanical Gardens, in the House of Sciences. The completed polyurethane insulation was applied in a thickness between 12cm and 18cm, which would otherwise have required tabular insulation sheets of 22cm - 30cm, in order to meet the thermal insulation requirements. The insulating layer was between 0.5m and 4m above the ground surface. Additionally, Alpinistscarried out the application of the insulation.

The density of the closed cell polyurethane foam is 35kg / m3,compressive strength 150K.Pa

Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0,023W/mK

Fire classification: B2 - SELF-EXTINGUISHING

Warranty on closed cell polyurethane foam sprayed: 10 years 

The videos were filmed at DebrecenUniversity’s Botanical Gardens: