The company and its legal predecessor (a private enterprise) have more than two decades of experience in the field of construction.



AnotakBauKft. strives to serve its business partners, clients and customers with the highest quality products and services, meeting all European standards, to their greatest satisfaction.

We are demanding of ourselves in all our professional activities; conscientious and fair experts.We use modern technologies and are continuously retraining our workforce, to ensure that our work meets the highest market expectations at all times. We recognize that we have a responsibility to our employees, as well as to their families and to the communities they live and work in.


Company philosophy

"Things are only things are going well in places where the tailor, the soap maker, the confectioner and everyone else is convinced that his industry, his business is shaping the fate of the nation." / Count István Széchenyi /

Pure Foam Technology

Home: 4032 Debrecen, Lehel utca 20. VI/41

Office: 4034 Debrecen, Szélső u. 33.

Base: 4030 Debrecen Vágóhíd u. 2.

Telephone: Katona György +36 20 9423 772

Telephone: Macsi István +36 20 3886 394

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