Closed cell rigid polyurethane foam

Closed cell rigid polyurethane foam  

This closed cell rigid polyurethane foam applied using two components sprayed on at the application site provides excellent thermal insulation and waterproofing. Upon mixing, the effects of both heat and a chemical reaction causes the foam’s components to degas and create a closed cell structured material effect. In just a few seconds, the material changes from a liquid into solid form.

Closed cell foam insulation is a more slowly expanding product, which is capable of expanding up to 40 times its initial volume. This type of insulation has become irreplaceable, due to its technical parameters, its excellent physical characteristics and its variety of applications. Sprayed polyurethane foam is a remarkably versatile material that has been shown to meet the challenges of construction and manufacturing. Known in countless industries as the single most effective material. 


External and internal applications

  1. Insulation of vertical surfaces
  2. Insulation of biogas and storage tanks 
  3. Insulation of feed silos
  4. Insulation of farm buildings
  5. Insulation of building facades
  6. Insulation of warehouses
  7. Sheet metal roofs, corrugated roofs
  8. Seamless insulation of flat roofs
  9. Insulation of curved surfaces
  10. Family homes, prefabricated panel flats, factories, warehouses
  11. Injections
  12. Walls, ceilings, substrates
  13. Protection against UV rays
  14. Roofs, foam moldings
  15. Film decoration, decorative spraying
  16. Special jobs, refrigeration industry  
  17. Insulation of stalls and livestock pens 
  18. External insulation of basement walls 


  1. No need to dismantle the surface requiring insulation, therefore no danger of leaking during the insulation application.
  2. Due to the rapid technology, little downtime required.
  3. Because of the expansion of the insulation, the formation of thermal bridges is practically zero.
  4. Fully adheres to all vertical, horizontal and overhead areas. 
  5. 35 years of references in both in Europe and overseas, with 10 years of references at home.
  6. Eliminates vapor condensation, strengthens building structure, permanent parameters.
  7. A particularly high compressive strength, non-toxic to human health.
  8. Easily resists both alkalines and acids. 
  9. Rodents do not move into it.
  10. Significant cost and energy savings, 10 year warranty.